President’s message

President’s message
株式会社 小林三之助商店 代表取締役社長 小林勇三

The 7th heir-to-be of
Sannosuke Kobayashi Co.,Ltd. 
He started taking part in the
planning of broad-leaved tree
planting activity for
environmental conservation.

As an integrated lumber company, and as an internationally competitive company, we strive toward a goal for forming alliances with companies in the world.

Do you like forest? Our company has done business with trees and forest, which are located by the lives of human from a long time ago.  Sannosuke Kobayashi Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1908. Our company started business as a railroad tie dealer, and it has been one of the leading comprehensive broad-leaved tree lumber materials manufacture in Japan for 100 years. Counting the number of successive presidents since the founder president Sannosuke Kobayashi (my grandfather), I am the 7th heir-to-be of president. 
While railroad ties are our main business in products of broad-leaved trees, we have kept broadening business concerned with trees over a long period of history. We try to find out tree’s infinite potential; for instance, we manufacture railroad ties from logs, and pallets from the rest of railroad ties, or provide railroad ties for gardening. We also work on wood waste recycling, using wastes from wrecked houses. We promote more effective use of resources by using those wastes to produce chips for paper manufacturing, or produce biomass fuel. Furthermore, we log broad-leaved trees from the Gifu or Iwate mountains by ourselves, and then we sell logs which are good quality in our wood market. We have strong-holds in not only Japan but also America, Canada, or Malaysia for transaction directly; so we lay out the framework to provide good quality wood for our customers.
How do you like? Did you grasp the details how our business is closely related with trees and forest? Few companies sell broad-leaved railroad ties or broad-leaved logs cut by them. We strive toward a goal for forming alliances with companies in the world as an internationally competitive industrial lumber company, which is as an integrated lumber company in smaller companies unlike large companies, so that the one could even say that “A vendor of broad-leaved trees is Sannosuke Kobayashi Co.,Ltd.” in the future. 
To customers, stockholders, or whom it may concern, I look forward to your further guidance and encouragement in the future.
The president  Yuzo Kobayashi